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A Video ‘Journey’ with our 10th St. Crew

10th St Team singing Don't Stop PPE-ing

Our 10th St. crew channeled their 1980s selves earlier this month in a parody video about clinic safety measures. Taking a song nearly everyone loves, Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’,” 10th St. rocked it out as “Don’t Stop PPE-ing”.

Watch the video here:

A great morale booster

Making the video was a great morale booster for the team, who went all in with costumes and special effects, in addition to a rap breakdown mid-song. Most of the clinic staff participated.

The video was produced and edited by Dr. Jennifer Pense and directed by Lisa Asher. Camera and lights were done by Dana Wong, Lisa, Heather Weeks and Dena Hasenback.

Dr. Marc Aversa and ARNP Ericka Gilson brought the guitar skills, with support by Jose Javier Avila. Destiny Kealoha surprised everyone with her rapping ability. Choir members included Destiny, Erica, Adriana Zamora PA-C, Lisa Berry, Dena Hasenback, Brenda Garfias, Shalea Reilly, LaNett Davis and Dana Wong.

You’ll see Dr. Mary Cyr, and Dr. Daniel Wells rocking out and “PPE-ing” as well.

10th St Providers

Thank you to our community. We are here for you.

The video concludes with the team’s public service announcement: thanks to our community for masks and food donation. Sound Family Medicine is here to care for you, and available for video visits, car visits, and visits in the office.

Putting this together reminded the team about the fun, family atmosphere at work. Thanks to the entire 10th St. team for making us laugh. Never stop PPE-ing!

Watch the outtakes below.


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  1. You were all wonderful!!!!. It is a pleasure to know that all of the good people that work at SFM are the real deal. You have families and friends that love you. We, as patients respect and support all of you. My family are patients of Heathers but we spent a lot of time in that office also. My grandson was born over 20 years ago and we are still your ever grateful patients and friends. Thank you for taking such great care of all of us.

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