Well-child checkups are vital to monitor your child’s growth and development. Sound Family Medicine is here for you and your child. We have a wide variety of resources to share in terms of learning, behavioral and emotional health, sports safety and more. By establishing care with us for your child, we will provide:

Well-baby and well-child exams

It is important for babies and children to have regular check-ups with their doctor or provider to ensure that they are growing and developing properly. We will provide head-to-toe physical exams and evaluate their development to ensure they are on track. Well-baby and well-child exams also provide an opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you have regarding your child’s health. At each visit, you can expect to discuss the following topics:
  • Growth and development of your child
  • Feeding and sleeping schedules during well-baby check-ups
  • Measuring height, weight, head circumference, blood pressures
Counseling for nutrition, proper dental health, child safety issues, and parenting strategies

Childhood Immunizations

Infant and child immunizations are necessary to prevent diseases that can be dangerous, difficult, or impossible to treat with medicine. During your well-baby exams, we will ensure your baby’s immunizations are up-to-date based on’s guidelines.

Sports Physicals

Most school sports and some team sports require a sports physical before your child is cleared to play. Sound Family Medicine is happy to provide this exam and mandatory clearance form for our patients. The sports physical evaluates the height, weight, blood pressure, vision, and in some cases strength and flexibility of your child to determine whether he or she can safely participate. To find out more information about, please see “Frequently Asked Questions” below. Our providers have a wide variety of resources to share in terms of learning, behavioral and emotional health, sports safety and more. We are here to care for you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your child is under two years old, well-baby and immunizations should be scheduled during the following months:

  • 1 month
  • 2 months
  • 4 months
  • 6 months
  • 9 months
  • 12 months
  • 15 months
  • 18 months

We know this could be a lot to track. Our friendly Front Desk staff can help you schedule in advance and provide you with a Well-Baby Appointment Card for you to track all of your future appointments.

Starting at 2 years old, your child should see the doctor annually for their well-child checkup. This is also the opportunity to make sure they are up-to-date with their vaccines and address any questions you may have regarding your child’s growth and development.

There are school and state requirements for vaccinations, and we can help you with this. We offer vaccines at our clinics, and your provider and care team staff will inform you which necessary vaccines are due depending on your child’s age. Please visit our Vaccinations page to view immunization schedule according to CDC guidelines for your own reference. Please note that the Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) vaccine is a requirement for all new and returning students enrolled in public school, private school, or childcare in Washington State as of July 28, 2019. We offer this vaccine through appointments, and you may read more about the MMR vaccine here.
As a Sound Family Medicine patient, you will have access to our online patient portal.  For children under 13 years of age, parents can create and link their patient portal accounts to see all of their family’s charts, forms, and other information simultaneously. When your child turns 13 years old or older than 13 years old, by HIPAA privacy law, they will need to log in to their own patient portal account. They will have the ability to add a trusted parent/guardian to have access to their account. You can learn more about this process here.
Please call us at 253-848-5951 to make an appointment for a sports physical. We will verify if your child has completed their annual physical exam or are due. If your child is due for an annual physical exam, we’re happy to schedule this for you and complete the sports physical form as part of this appointment. If you only need to complete a sports physical exam and/or your child has completed an annual physical exam, you may schedule an appointment for a sports physical only or walk in to any of our walk-in clinic locations to get this completed. The fee for the sports physical exam is due at the time of service.

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