Online Doctors Appointments

In today’s environment, telehealth or video visits are some of the fastest and safest ways to get medical care for everyday problems without risk of exposure, and in the comfort of your own home. We’ve created a telehealth platform for both our continuity clinics and our walk-in clinics. When you schedule a telehealth appointment, you’ll be visiting with the same Sound Family providers you know and trust. They’ll have access to your health records just like they would on a normal visit.


Who can use video visits with Sound Family?

Our telehealth platform is available to new and currently established patients with Sound Family Medicine. Patients new to Sound Family Medicine must use the video visit option rather than the telephone visit.


What type of appointments can be accommodated through a video visit?

Most needs can be addressed through telehealth such as the following:

  • Management of chronic conditions such as
    • hypertension
    • diabetes
    • COPD
    • congestive heart failure
  • Minor procedure follow-ups
  • Medication follow-ups
  • Mental health evaluations
  • Allergies
  • Chronic pain
  • Parenting questions
  • Contagious respiratory infections

What types of appointments are best served in person?

We are not able to accommodate telehealth appointments for the following:

  • Pregnancy-related visits
  • Physicals
  • Well-child checks that require vaccinations
  • Injuries with open wounds
  • STD testing
  • Abdominal pain through our virtual care systems.

How do I schedule a video visit?

Appointments are required for all video visits. Please contact us at 253-848-5951 to schedule your visit. One of our care team members will provide you the information you need to log in for your video visit with your provider.


How much does a telehealth video visit cost?

You will be billed for a video visit as if you have an appointment in our clinic. Insurance coverage may be subject to benefit limitations.


How does a video visit work?

Please watch the video below and hear from Dr. Daniel Wells on how easy it is to visit with your doctor through video. 

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