Onsite Specialties

Many of our clinics offer specialists located on-site. Our goal is to make additional resources as accessible as possible for families in need. These specialists operate as separate businesses, and bill for their services accordingly. Please check with your insurer regarding coverage. If you have a need for these services, we encourage you to reach out directly to the provider for more information.


Dr. Nauman Ahmad


Location: 31st St Clinic
Hours: one Friday per month, call for more info
Specialty: pediatric physician with a sub-specialization in pediatric cardiology
Areas of focus:
•   Fetal echocardiogram
•   Echocardiogram
•   EKG
•   Holter monitoring
•   Blood pressure monitoring
•   Allergy testing

To schedule: 253-661-5939


Josh Gates


Location: 10th St Clinic
Hours: by appointment
Specialty: therapy for individuals, couples and families
Areas of focus:
•   Therapy for Depression and Anxiety
•   Couples Counseling
•   Family Counseling
•   Parenting Support
•   Grief Counseling
•   Work and Career issues
•   Stress Management
•   Addiction & Recovery
•   Conflict Resolution

To schedule: 253-848-3249


Loran Inman, LMHC

Location: 10th St Clinic
Hours: by appointment
Specialty: counseling
Areas of focus:
•   Attention Deficit Disorders (ADHD)
•   Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
•   Counseling
•   Counseling – Adults
•   Counseling – Children and Adolescents
•   Counseling – Geriatric
•   Grief and Bereavement
•   Marriage and Family
•   Post Partum Depression
•   Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

To schedule: 253-286-4211