Care Management

Coordinating your care for your whole health picture.

Many of us live with chronic conditions – ongoing medical problems which may require extra support to avoid emergencies or worsening of health. The Care Management team supports the primary provider and patients to increase quality and efficiency of care.

To help, we offer the Care Management Program. This team is comprised of Registered Nurses, Care Coordinators, and Clinical Pharmacists who will work in synergy with providers giving better patient care.

Care Managers and their teams work together with your primary provider to create personalized care to navigate the healthcare system and seek the right care at the right time.

What does the Care Management program offer?

  • Education and support with your healthcare needs
  • In-depth reviews of your medications
  • Coordination with providers and specialists to align plans of care
  • Follow-up calls after hospital or emergency room visits
  • Connections to community resources such as durable medical equipment (DME) or transportation as necessary

For more information and to take advantage of these services, call us at 253-848-5951.