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The Importance of Vaccination


Vaccines are a safe and vital tool to fight illnesses that cannot be treated any other way. In the video below, Dr. Marc Aversa, MD in our 10th St Clinic explains why keeping current on vaccines is more important than ever.

Vaccines treat illnesses that don’t have other effective treatment methods

“While there is a medication that treats influenza, it’s very hard to get people stated on that medication before things get bad,” Dr. Aversa said. “for other illnesses like tetanus or botulism, we really have no easy way to treat those, and vaccines help to keep us from having to deal with those problems.”

Herd immunity protects us all

Vaccines also protect others around us who may be at risk, including the very young or those unable to get vaccines. Herd immunity happens when enough people are vaccinated that even someone who cannot be vaccinated realizes some level of protection based on the lack of general susceptibility around them.

We can help you track your family’s vaccines

“It can be hard for parents to keep track of their child’s vaccination schedule,” Dr. Aversa noted. The state now has a website that tracks everyone’s vaccines, and parents can go in and print copies as needed for school or sports.

Adults need vaccines too

Adult vaccines include your yearly flu shot, as well as others for pneumonia, shingles and tetanus. Your provider can help you determine which vaccines are right for you based on your health and family history.

A COVID-19 vaccine is in the works

Researchers worldwide are working on a vaccine for COVID-19, but we do not know how quickly one will be available. “There’s a lot of parallels between the anxiety we’re seeing around COVID-19 and the anxieties we used to see around diseases like polio,” Dr. Aversa said. “We’re hopeful for a time that we’ll have a vaccine that will spare our community from the difficulties of diseases like COVID-19.”

What can you do today

One way to combat the anxiety brought on by the pandemic is to focus on the diseases we can prevent. Make sure you and your family are up to date on all your immunizations to protect from disease. Also, make sure you are eating healthy foods and getting enough exercise, to keep your body strong. Finally, stay up to date on monitoring and treating all ongoing health issues.

To ensure you and your family are up to date on immunizations, please call today.

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