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Sound Family Medicine is accepting new family medicine, OB, maternity, gynecology, vasectomy and physiatry patients. For non-life threatening illness or injuries, our walk in clinics are open to all individuals with accepted insurance or cash pay services.

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The Importance of Vaccination

Vaccines are a safe and vital tool to fight illnesses that cannot be treated any other way. In the video below, Dr. Marc Aversa, MD in our 10th St Clinic explains why keeping current on vaccines is more important than ever. Vaccines treat illnesses that

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sun safety 2

How To Be Sun Safe This Summer

It’s finally summer in Washington! This means the sun is beginning to peek around the clouds to give us bright and sunny days. But with the extra sunshine, you may be more at risk for skin diseases caused by the sun. We’ve compiled expert tips

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What to Know About the Measles

Due to the recent measles outbreak in the Puget Sound and around Washington state, Sound Family Medicine wants to keep you and your family healthy and happy and avoid getting (or spreading) the measles. Here are the top things you need to know about the

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4 Tools to Help You Keep Your Vaccines on Track

Vaccinations are confusing. Who needs them? Why get them? When should you get them? To help clear things up, here are four tools to help you vaccinate with confidence. Vaccines On the Go: What You Should Know This is a free mobile app available for

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10 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About the Flu

With flu season just around the corner, test your knowledge on what you did and didn’t know about the flu. 1. The word flu comes from the Italian word influenza which means influence Our favorite Italian words are pizza and pasta, but this is pretty

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Soccer friends during soccer practice

Let’s Get Physical(s)!

Back to school is full of fun moments: school supply shopping, clothing sales, first day haircuts, and the annual sports physical. The fall season can be stressful but Sound Family Medicine is here to lighten the load and help you start September right. You can

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Tracie Jefferson interviewed on KOMO News Radio

Mumps: Tracie Jefferson Explains on KOMO News Radio

In 2017, Washington state had over 400 confirmed cases of the mumps. Sound Family Medicine’s Tracie Jefferson, PA, spoke with KOMO News Radio’s “Health Talk” about what you need to know about prevention and treatment. Below is an audio clip as well as the transcript

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Little girl is brushing teeth in bathroom

A Guide to Your Child’s Oral Health

Oral health is very important to your child’s overall wellness which is why Sound Family Medicine providers have partnered with Light Dental Studios to put the mouth back in family medicine care. Check out the guide below for what you need to know now to

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flu season ahead

What You Need to Know About This Year’s Flu Vaccine

Tracie Jefferson, PA of our Sunrise clinic shares what you need to know to prepare for this year’s flu season. It’s almost here… Before we realize what has happened summer will be fading into a memory. Children will be returning to school, Sunday afternoons will

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Bullying: How Parents Can Help

What is bullying? You may think it’s isolated and easy to spot. But, you’d probably be surprised to find out that two of out every three teens is physically or verbally harassed every year. To make matters worse, the exponential growth of social networking has

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