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Can pneumonia shots help with COVID-19?

Patient asking question about pneumonia vaccine

Patients have reached out with questions about the pneumonia vaccine and COVID-19. They want to know, “can pneumonia shots help with COVID-19?”

Spencer Fodczuk, PA-C in our Bonney Lake clinic, explains the potential impacts of the pneumococcal vaccines on COVID-19 in this short informative video.

Does having both pneumonia vaccines provide protection against COVID-19?

In short, no. Pneumonias are completely different from COVID-19 which is an RNA virus. Researchers are working globally to develop a COVID -19 vaccine, but none is currently available.

It may help with secondary infections

The pneumonia vaccines may help if you contract pneumonia as a secondary infection during or after having COVID-19.

High-risk groups need to continue to see their doctor

Most people who have received pneumonia vaccine are higher risk for COVID-19 due to other chronic conditions, like diabetes, hypertension, morbid obesity, asthma or sleep apnea. It is more important than ever to stay up to date with your prescriptions and manage these chronic conditions carefully, so if you do contract COVID-19, your body isn’t also trying to overcome multiple problems at once.

As of this time, there is still no vaccine available against COVID-19. Though pneumonia vaccines do not protect against coronavirus, keeping up-to-date with your immunizations is still vital for one’s health, and can help with secondary infections should one come down with COVID-19.

For more information about necessary vaccines, please visit our immunizations page.


Spencer Fodczuk is a Physician Assistant, practicing in our Bonney Lake Walk-in Clinic.

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