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Us & You at 34: Sound Family Medicine Gets Advice on Turning 34

This August, Sound Family Medicine celebrates 34 years of providing quality family care to the families of Pierce County. To celebrate, we looked to our patients for advice on what they’ve learned reaching different “34” milestones in their lives. These interviews helped connect us to our community, spend time with our patients and learn about how Sound Family Medicine has been a part of their milestones. Hear what they had to say in the video below.


Our 34 week pregnant participant, Skyler, delivered her baby boy, Benjamin on July 30th. Congratulations Skyler!!

Us & You at 34: Video Transcription

Cc: In honor of our 34th anniversary, we interviewed patients at different 34’s in their lives to learn about birthdays, milestones, and celebrations.

Gabe: Hi my name is Gabe.

Lena: My name is Lena and this is Clarissa, Rissa for short.

Jack: Hi my name’s Jack.

Julia: Hi I’m Julia.

Skyler: I’m Skyler.

Slade: Slade!

Sara: Hi I’m Sara.

Larry: Hi I’m Larry Keyes.

Emmett: And my name is Emmett.

off camera: How old are you?

Slade: I’m two!

Gabe: I am 8.

Julia: 34 years old.

Jack: I celebrated my 34th grade.

Emmett: Uh… two.

Gabe: No you’re not!

Skyler: I’m 34 weeks pregnant.

Sara: 34 years old.

Larry: I’ve been a parent for 34 years and a grandparent for 34 months.

Gabe: Are you three? Three? He’s three.

Lena: I’ve been a patient for 8, over 8 years now with my first, and then of course with her.

Jack: So I’ve been a part of Sound Family Medicine for about 10 years as a patient and I’ve also worked at Sound Family Medicine for the last two years.

Larry: I’ve been a patient of Sound Family Medicine for over 15 years. Dr. Stout’s been my doctor the whole time.

Julia: For… seven years, it was right after my son was born and we were looking for a physician and we’ve never left.

Sara: I have been a part of Sound Family Medicine for about 22 years.

Skyler: I honestly don’t remember how long, from since I was a kid as well, like my whole life basically.

Larry: What I’ve learned in 34 years of being a parent, I think the number one thing I’ve learned is a lot of patience.

Skyler: I’ve learned a lot of patience and to take it slow and rest when needed.

Lena: Just being more social than of course when a newborn is not.

Sara: Learning how to, you know, have kids and have a big family. I come from just me and my brother and we’re 11 years apart so having my bigger family is definitely something to adapt to.

Julia: I feel like coming into my thirty’s you kind of really discover who you are and I feel like a lot of my twenty years old friends that are approaching thirty. They’re freaking out that they’re turning thirty, and I try and tell them all the time, you know who you are in your thirty’s and you get to own that. And you don’t have as many outside influences telling you who or what you should be, just own your thirty’s, they’re so great, they’re so amazing, and you can walk out into the world and be confident in who you are.

Jack: I celebrate birthdays, we usually get together as family, have a little bit of cake, ice cream, a lot of food, and just really share what we appreciate about that person.

Lena: Well, we always have a birthday cake, my daughter always likes, “piata” – it’s how she says pinata.

Emmett: My birthday is the Paw Patrol one, I like Paw Patrol.

Skyler: My family, we typically go out to dinner on the birthday night and then have a party with close family and friends the following weekend.

Sara: For the adults, we don’t do too much, we used to just go out but with five kids it’s kind of more difficult. *laughs*

Gabe: My favorite part is playing with my friends. And eating cake.

Julia: Well I have three little kids so all our celebrations, birthdays and everything are with pizza and ice cream. Always.

Slade: Airplanes. Dusty Crophopper is a white airplane. And, airplanes.

Jack: I think Sound Family Medicine should celebrate by having a big outreach to the community that has made Sound successful for 34 years.

Gabe: Have a party?

Lena: It should be big, it should be loud, it should be proud. You guys have been here for 34 years that’s something to accomplish, you know?

Julia: I think you guys are doing a great job. Making it known that you guys are turning 34, that you’re so successful. I learned today that it’s physician-owned which is wonderful. And just giving back to the community, which you guys do too, and just, owning who you are!

Slade: Airplanes!

Larry: Just keep up the good work. I’ve been a patient for 15 years and I’m healthy as a horse!!

Skyler: I think celebrating like this is great. All the staff is so supportive and great with the community so I think doing things like this is good for the community.

Gabe: What do you think Emmett?

Emmett: Frosting on the cupcakes! With horns.

All: Happy Birthday, Sound Family Medicine!

Slade: It moved!

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  1. Hi I am Trish and I have been with sound family for 14 years. It’s a wonderful community with excellent doctors.

  2. Dr. Michael Jackson was my first doctor at Sound Family Medicine (Hartland) in 1988. He is one of the best doctors that I have come across in my life.
    I now see Ericka. She is amazing.
    Thank Sound Family for all you do for my family.

  3. Pat and I have been patients of Dr Nancy Grubb since the early nineties. She has given us great care all these years and are indebted to her and her staff especially Tracy for going out of their way when necessary. Thank you Dr Nancy.

  4. Nancy: For 30 years I have been a patient here and gotten very good care. Thank you.

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