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The COVID Cabana: Masks and Compassion Are Always in Fashion

31st Ave Team on COVID Cabana

When you hear music, it’s a good idea to dance. At the end of a long week testing patients for COVID-19 and trying to constantly adapt office procedures in response to ever-changing protocols, Dr. Kevin Taggart started hearing music- Barry Manilow, to be specific.

This was all Dr. Taggart’s idea

He made a few calls, got everyone on board, and the next thing you know we were spending the weekend making cardboard palm trees and humming ‘Copacabana’ on a loop inside our heads.

A great effort on behalf of the 31st Ave Team

The resulting Barry Manilow parody served two purposes. First, it was a fun way to remind people how to best avoid catching COVID-19. Second, it provided a much-needed team and morale-building activity for the clinic most responsible for COVID-19 testing.

Dr. Nancy Grubb and Heather Hokanson, ARNP were also featured in the video, along with many other 31st Ave clinic team members.

31st Ave Team

Let’s see where it goes

Dr. Taggart had a loose idea of how the video would go, and team members from marketing and the clinic supplied ideas and direction as footage was shot. The entire team had fun, and everyone contributed to the final product.

The reviews are in: it’s a hit!

To date, the video has reached over 58,000 people on Facebook. Dr. Taggart’s patients have left hundreds of comments showing their appreciation Dr. Taggart and the team’s lighthearted take on COVID-19. One patient wrote “Love you Dr. Taggart and the whole team at SFM on 31st!! Thanks for making light of a difficult time and taking such great care of everyone!”

A look behind the scenes

Here are a few behind the scenes shots of the making of ‘COVID Cabana.’

Behind the Scenes

We hope you enjoyed this fun and informative video!

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  1. That video was awesome. It was fun for our family to watch. Don’t worry Heather we watched to make sure you joined in. Dr . Tagert and the rest of your wonderful staff are inspiring. Your message got through loud and clear and FUN. Thank you from the bottom of are hearts for your outstanding care.

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