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Tracie Jefferson, PA-C on Healthy Weight Loss

Tracie Jefferson, PA-C at KOMO News

Tracie Jefferson, a PA-C in our Sunrise office, has been making news lately. Earlier this year, she was invited to speak on KOMO news radio in Seattle as part of a series of health talks. The talk, which covered healthy weight loss, was sponsored by  IRG Physical Therapy.

Tracie Jefferson

Getting to share information on a subject she is passionate about was something Jefferson was excited about. She is slated to return to the show to do additional segments on weight loss later this year. “There is not enough time in 8 minutes to share everything we want patients to know about weight loss.,” she said. “I think this is a great opportunity to reach many people and to share some information about our practice and how we can help them. Even if they don’t see us, getting an individual thinking about their health is a step in the right direction. 

Weight loss is so much more than calories in vs. calories out 

“It’s so much more than calories in vs. calories out,” Ms. Jefferson said. “It’s stress hormones, and aging, and stress, and sleep patterns. Partnering with a healthcare provider or someone who can guide patients on the journey and show how everything works together is so important. 

One healthy choice at a time 

A weight loss journey is emotional. It’s hard to lose weight, or even plan meals when every day is full of stress and go-go-go. Ms. Jefferson likes to recommend people start with the ‘do what you can plan’. Find 10 minutes a day where you can commit to healthy living and taking care of yourself. Make one healthy choice at a time. If you start there, success builds on success. 

Don’t take on too much 

Weight loss hormones change over time and are absolutely impacted by stress and sleep. Stress hormones drive hunger sensations and make it harder for us to feel full based on a healthy portion. They also change how we metabolize food. When our bodies are in a constant state of stress and alarm, they’re going to store everything we put into them,” Jefferson said. When those stress hormones add up, they start to interfere with our sleep, which makes weight loss even harder and we get caught in this cycle. 

It’s about more than just pounds 

You need to know what your healthy looks like inside your body” she saidA healthy lifestyle is about more than how much you weigh. It’s about your cholesterol, your blood sugar, your blood pressure.” Jefferson recommends starting with an exam to make sure that you’re going about weight loss safely and are targeting your health on the inside as well as out. Losing ten pounds may not seem like that much if you have a lot to lose, but keep in mind the positives. Even a 5-10% loss in weight leads to a reduction in cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure. You also may start sleeping better and have less joint pain. 

To listen to Tracie Jefferson’s radio spot, click here:

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