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Using COVID Data Modeling to Support Washington

Major Bradley Smith

Post update: As of March 2021, Bradley Smith PA-C has returned to Sound Family Medicine.

The right data presented in an easy-to-comprehend manner drives important decisions. Our very own Bradley Smith, PA-C, in partnership with COVID Act Now (CAN), built a tool used by Washington’s decision makers during the current coronavirus pandemic.  

Smith, one of our physician assistants practicing at our 10th St. location, is currently deployed as the Washington National Guard’s Joint Medical Planner for our state’s COVID-19 response.  

With Major Smith’s astute approach to data, CAN developed a new data simulator tool which simulates COVID’s impact on reopening schools and businesses. This tool also simulates the impact of mask compliance and stay-at-home orders. Decision makers used this data to identify communities in need and served as an early warning system to predict COVID hospitalization level 4 to 8 weeks out.  


The challenge and Smith’s solution

COVID 19 testing
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During the onset of the pandemic, it was challenging to find reliable COVID data at a state and county level. Existing tools were also not written for an audience without epidemiological backgrounds. As a Joint Medical Planner, he needed to develop a tool that could detect an outbreak and serve as an early warning system to predict level of COVID hospitalization.  

Ever the researcher, Smith found COVID Act Now (CAN), a website with an easy-to-use interface that presents complicated COVID information as key metrics. With this tool, Smith got the information he needed to create his decisions.  


Smith improved this tool, and Washington State used it to make key decisions

COVID data screenshot
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As the outbreak expanded, Smith needed a more dynamic tool to help with decision making. With his input, CAN’s team made the COVID Response Simulator customizable so it could reflect local realities.  

With this tool, Smith and his team began simulating COVID’s impact on reopening schools and businesses. Further simulation includes assessing impact of different levels of compliance to mask mandates and stay-at-home orders.  

These data points Smith created in partnership with CAN published unique simulations for future analysis.  


Thank you, Bradley Smith

Gathering the right information, data, and building the right output to present to decision makers is amazing work to be applauded – thank you, Mr. Smith for your service to the country!  

Bradley is also a compassionate and excellent family medicine provider. We are grateful you are part of our family here at Sound Family Medicine. 

Read the full case study featuring Major Bradley Smith, PA-C >>  

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  1. Welcome back.
    Thank you for your dedicated service in making a real difference finding ways to understand the challenges Covid-19 has created, helping to find pathways to mitigate and provide the needed healing, both physical and compassionate to us all.

  2. Thank you Brad Smith for your service as well as being an excellent provider..

    Sound Family has some incredible Providers who devote their time caring for their patients and serving our country.

    Thanks Brad Smith as well as Jared Rapier.

    We are blessed to have you as the Incredible Providers and human beings you are.

    Congratulations and again thank you for all you do

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