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Best Yoga Apps

Needing a little zen in your life? Look no further, we’ve compiled our favorite yoga apps for iPhone and Android to help you feel a little less “ugh” and a little more “om”.

Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio is one of the more popular apps on the market because of its high-quality videos and different programs. The app can teach you sun salutations or help you better your balance, flexibility or strength. With over eighty programs, you’re sure to be a qualified yogi. It even lets you customize a program and chose your background music. The app is available on Apple or Android products for free, but you have to upgrade to use all the features

Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga is designed for, well, yoga daily. With 500+ asanas, 50+ yoga class plans, 200+ guided yoga, pilates, and meditation classes, you’ll never be bored of the content. There are different plans you can chose from like weight loss, better sleep and relaxation, or learning from beginner to advanced. The plans are 20 to 30 minutes a day and can last anywhere from one to five weeks. Reviewers warn that it might not be the best app for the beginner as sometimes instruction is lacking in the midst of the practice. Android or Apple users can enjoy for free, but you’ll face the wrath of popups until you subscribe.

Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere

Down Dog features the classic vinyasa style of yoga, with a warm up, exercise, cool down and final relaxation. There are faster options for those in a pinch, or a Restorative option, for those who need something a little cooler. The videos embedded in the app are from YouTube, so you will need internet to access them. Down Dog is free to use on Apple or Android phone, but again you’ll need a subscription to unlock the full shebang. Once you purchase a subscription, you can change the speed of your practice, remove the instructor’s voice, and centralize your focus on one body part.

Pocket Yoga

Unlike the previous apps, Pocket Yoga has a different approach to yoga. The app has three focuses – Ocean (cardio), Mountain (power), and Desert (flexibility) – and you pick which skills you want to develop. The classes are 30, 45, or 60 minutes long and are known for their excellent narration which flows throughout the class. The app also features a pose guide for beginners and can connect to your Apple Watch. Android users are welcome too, and the app costs $3 to start.

Yoga International

This app, created by the group Yoga International, contains over 1,000 yoga classes for yogis of all levels. It also contains a pose directory, archive article from the Yoga International site, guided meditation, and classes of all different lengths from 5 to 60 minutes. The app also tracks your progress to encourage you and remind you to practice. The Yoga International app is free to download, but it’s the priciest subscription at $15 a month.

Whichever way you chose to tangle up to unwind, we at Sound Family Medicine are happy to help set an exercise plan that works for you. Our providers understand that working out is a part of having a happy and healthy you. To join the SFM family, check out our providers accepting new patients, or to make an appointment, contact your local clinic. Here’s to yoga, and from all of us – namaste.

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  1. Perfect! Continuing Yoga is very difficult these past few months because I can’t attend my Yoga class. Good thing I’ve read this article and realized that there are lots of Yoga apps available. Doing Yoga keeps me sane especially that there are lots of people that are infected by corona virus. I’m a bit paranoid in going out. So I’m so happy to do yoga at home :)

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