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Sound Family Medicine is accepting new family medicine, OB, maternity, gynecology, vasectomy and physiatry patients. For non-life threatening illness or injuries, our walk in clinics are open to all individuals with accepted insurance or cash pay services.

Notice anything different?

31st Ave New Logo

Drum roll, please…… Take a look at our new logo, designed to reflect your whole family.

Why the change?

Just like your family, our practice has grown and changed over the years. Our maternity focus has expanded to one that provides care for all ages. With that in mind, we set out to determine what kind of image would better reflect those values and services.

Thank you to our panel of experts—our patients

We reached out and asked what you thought our practice was about based on our existing logo. Boy, did your survey answers surprise us! With your feedback front and center, we set out to create something that reflects not just babies, but the older children, adults, parents and grandparents in our community’s families. We hope that when you see it, you feel that it includes you.

New look, same great care

Rest assured, the only thing that has changed is our logo. You’ll still get the same level of care and expertise from the same Sound Family Medicine teams. Our commitment to providing the best care possible for your families remains unchanged.

The story behind the new logo

Each element in the logo was intentional. If you look closely, you’ll see:

  • Your whole family is represented—no matter who you are—with multiple generations included in the dots
  • Your community is our focus with “Sound” emphasized especially
  • Your care is our priority, as symbolized by the calming and healthy blue tones

Looking forward to the future with you

We’re proud to be part of your family’s lives. Here’s to positive, healthy changes and a lifetime of care.

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17 Responses

  1. Well, I maybe biased, but I liked the ‘old’ logo, I felt it was really cute! But, I could understand that the logo could make people think it was a ‘pediatric’ medical facility. The new one is good.

    1. Thank you, Maryann! We will miss our baby logo as well though we feel our new one represents our breadth of services better. Thank you!

  2. You say the light blue color in the word Sound represents our local presence meaning and reliable judgement.
    The color light blue does seem more meaningful to our presence in the area of light blue waters Puget Sound and I understand the use of the word sound in valid reasoning and advice but not sure how light blue ties to reliable judgement.

    Cute mojii is modern.

    1. Hello, Garry! Thank you for the feedback – we agree! The light blue colors do reflect our location being in the South Sound. What we mean as well about “reliable judgement” was not just referring to using the light blue color with the word “sound,” but the word “sound” itself.

      Though our name is “Sound” Family Medicine, with Sound referencing our location, we also see the word “sound” as an adjective, meaning reliable and one you can rely on.

      We appreciate your comment – thank you, Garry!

  3. Seems apologetic in presentation. Changing furniture. And why does the marketing firm who came up with this require personal information. May I suggest a less aggressive approach? This seems like marketing 101. I have been going there for years now and this has nothing to do with the service. This is a frivolous way to spend money give it to the workers.

    1. Good morning Ted,

      Thank you for your feedback – we’d like to share with you that our rebrand work was created and produced internally by our own Marketing team. We did not outsource this work to a marketing firm or agency, and we do not share information externally. Our own internal Marketing team communicated this out.

      Thank you, Ted – we appreciate you!

      From SFM Marketing Team

  4. Before COVID – old age meant endurance, continuity, and survival. I am pleased to note that your new lago represents a counterpoint to some of the less positive 2020 references on age. Thank you for taking time to focus on patients and show appreciation.

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