Preventive Care Calculator

Staying healthy often means more than just eating well and getting enough exercise. Screenings are an important part of preventative care. Not only do they help you to stay on track with things like cholesterol and blood sugar, they can find more serious problems early, giving you more treatment options.

Our care calculator can help you determine which screenings you may be due for. Please keep in mind this calculator presents standard recommendations. If you have underlying or chronic conditions, please check with your care provider to learn what’s best for you.

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Make your health and your family’s health a priority all year long by staying current with well checkups and vaccinations. 

BabiesUnder 2 yrsWell baby exam and immunizations

at 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, & 18 months of age

EveryoneOver 6 monthsFlu shotEvery year
Children2-18Well child examEvery year
Children9-26HPV vaccineOnce (3 doses)
Everyone11-18Meningitis vaccineTwice
EveryoneOver 11Tetanus-Diptheria boosterEvery 10 years
EveryoneOver 16Blood pressure screeningEvery 2 years
AdultsOver 18Physical examEvery year
FemalesOver 21Pap smear, pelvic examEvery 1-5 years
AdultsOver 30Cholesterol screeningEvery 5 years
FemalesOver 40Discuss breast cancerEvery 1-2 years
MalesOver 50Discuss prostate cancerEvery year
AdultsOver 50Colon cancer screeningEvery 1-10 years
AdultsOver 50Shingles vaccineOnce
FemalesOver 65Bone density screeningPeriodic
AdultsOver 65Pneumonia vaccineTwice