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Who Spreads the Flu? You Spread the Flu!

Everyone knows that the flu is contagious and that it’s very easy to become infected. But did you know that by not following the procedures to eliminate the flu, you’re helping spread it? Here are 6 ways you are helping the flu without even knowing.

1. You didn’t wash your hands the right way

Washing your hands involves using warm water, scrubbing for twenty seconds, and not touching the door handle immediately after rinsing. If you failed to follow any of those steps, you could be contributing to the flu spreading.

2. You didn’t cover your mouth when you sneezed or coughed

While this might feel like a given, a study done by the University of Maryland suggests that by just breathing on another person, you could be infecting them with the flu. Gross.

3. You touched someone else’s face

They always tell you not to touch your face because your hands are dirty, and touching someone else’s face is the best way to give them your germs, and in this case, the flu.

4. You didn’t stay home when you felt sick

We get it, sometimes you don’t have the time to take a sick day, but while you might have just started feeling sick, the virus is alive and kicking. The CDC says, “Most healthy adults may be able to infect other people beginning 1 day before symptoms develop and up to 5 to 7 days after becoming sick.” Even worse, kids can pass the virus for over a week. Stay home , and get some rest.

5. You haven’t cleaned common surfaces recently

Germs love to grow, and they love areas like kitchen sponges, dishcloths, desks, floors, sinks and toilets. Without proper cleaning, these things can become influenza’s winter lodge and can infect the people around you.

6. You didn’t get vaccinated

The best thing you can do to combat flu season is get vaccinated. Infants, the elderly and people with severe allergies cannot get flu shots, so getting a flu shot not only helps protect you, it protects them too.

Sound Family Medicine wants to do everything we can to help keep you and your family healthy this flu season. Come in to one of our clinics to receive your flu shot and help fight the flu before it spreads. Our walk-in clinics are perfect for busy families with extended hours and they’re open on weekends. Don’t get caught under the weather – stop the flu before it can get you.

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