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We Pledge to Listen and to Act

As a local medical practice, it is important and right that we stand against racism for our employees, our patients and ourselves, but it is not enough. Each of us within our organization must take it personally.

We are having internal conversations about race here at Sound Family Medicine. I believe nothing is more effective in delivering progress than education, and we will be working diligently as a group to educate ourselves so that we move forward with impact.

This process will be emotional and sometimes painful, but our efforts to share and more importantly to listen will make us better. This critical point in our nation’s history requires action from each of us. We cannot pretend that we do not have a role to play in creating the change we seek.

As healthcare providers, we are in a special position to bear witness to the lives of our patients. We know that race and being marginalized adversely impacts health. It is our desire to live our values and close those gaps in care.

I invite you to join us as we renew our efforts to come together. To demand equality. To stand as allies. To be accountable for ourselves and our communities in our speech and in our actions.

I look forward to working with you all to build a future that ensures safety and opportunity for all Americans.


Therese N. Pasquier

CEO, Sound Family Medicine

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