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Take 5 to Keep Your Heart Healthy with a Walk

woman walking on trail with walking shoes
2016 is a new year. January was full of resolutions. February is American heart month and a perfect time to commit to making a change. One of the least expensive changes you can make to better your health and heart is walking – here’s why:

# 1: Promotes heart health

Walking regularly can help to ward off the biggest killer –heart disease. People who walk regularly have a lowered risk of developing heart disease. Besides, regular walking also helps people to recover faster from heart attacks and bypass surgery and thus, lowers their risk of suffering another heart attack.

# 2: Increases alertness

This simple aerobic exercise also helps to improve your mind alertness. Walking improves circulation and availability of oxygen to the brain which increases alertness. Another reason for mental alertness is the release of chemicals like adrenaline which is discharged due to walking.

# 3: It heals your body, reduces stress, prevents depression

Regular walking will make you feel good which can prevent depression as it helps to heal your body and make it healthy. It helps to improve our biological health, physical health, psychosocial health and emotional health.

# 4: Promotes bone health

Walking helps to increase your bone density and slows down bone loss in your body. This simple exercise is very effective for your spine, legs and hips.

# 5: Lowers diabetes risk

Regular walking helps to improve the BMI level in people with diabetes and allows efficient use of glucose by the muscle, which means proper utilization of insulin in the body and helps to improve blood sugar level. “Take 5” to consider these benefits for a healthier body and heart. Let’s get to steppin’! Learn how you can take 5 to reduce your sodium intake for a healthier heart too.

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