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Relay for Life 2019

stadium at event

Sometimes all it takes to make a difference is the willingness to go, and that’s exactly what Relay for Life participants did.

This year’s East Pierce Relay for Life event took place on Saturday July 13th from noon to midnight at Sumner High School. Relay for Life is an annual event organized by the American Cancer Society to raise funds and awareness for cancer research. The East Pierce event was Olympic themed in honor of the union of 5 Pierce County Relay events converging into one larger event.

The relay kicked off like every Olympic event – with an opening ceremony and the carrying of the torch. 5 survivors carried the torch around the track and the opening ceremony included survivor speakers, Daffodil princesses and more.

Twelve hours is a long time to walk, but Relay knows how to keep it entertaining as they incorporate themes into every hour. Some themes included Disney, 80’s, Sports Fan, Trick or Treat and participants wore different costumes or held props to signify each lap theme.

Sound Family Medicine had a booth where we had the opportunity to talk to our community about our company – whether it was catching up with patients and hearing their stories, or talking to new faces in our community looking for care. We also set up corn hole at our booth, because who doesn’t love corn hole?

We raised over $5,200 dollars between our sponsorship, generous donations from staff, friends, and family, and our employees’ bi-weekly Casual Friday donations. Our clinics also donated 4 boxes full of canned food for the Relay to be used to prop up Lumineras and were later donated to a local food bank.

Sound Family Medicine is proud to be a part of such an amazing event that impacts lives around the country and in our own community, and we look forward to next year where we can do it all again.

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