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A Happy (and Healthy) New Year And You

Success hiker at top of mountain peak

The new year is underway…so, how are you doing on your resolutions? According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology of top ten New Year’s resolutions, three of them involve health and wellness. The number one resolution this year of the people surveyed was to lose weight, number five was to stay fit and healthy, and number seven to quit smoking.

The study goes further in providing some fascinating statistics. One is that the percentage of Americans who actually make resolutions each year is around 45%. Conversely, the average success rate of said resolutions is around 8%! Interestingly, the study does give a number of 49% for what they label as “infrequent success”. (Is that like accidental success?)

The truth is that while success can happen by some form of magic, in the case of losing weight, staying fit, and quitting smoking it probably won’t. Not that we want to discourage you. Sound Family Medicine wants to remind you that we are here to help you with your health and wellness goals. Studies actually show that both personal support from your network including friends family and health care providers, along with supportive online resources is the recipe for success.

Scheduling your annual physical exam is a great way to not only start the year off right, but to give you a metric by which to measure your overall health and success in any goals you may set for your wellness this year.

We made this Pinterest board to help motivate and inspire you in making this year extra bright.

Whatever your goals this year, the key is to tap into all your resources, including your support network. Support is a major factor in successfully achieving any goal. Make sure you let Sound Family Medicine be part of your team.

Happy New Year!

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