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Dorothy and Chris Receive Soundie Awards for Excellence

This past month we recognized two exceptional employees at Sound Family Medicine with our quarterly Soundies award! A Soundie is an award given for recognition of all the hard work and effort our staff puts in every day to give our patients the best care possible. To be nominated for a Soundie, a staff member must have great customer service skills, be a role model for their fellow employees, demonstrate teamwork, and have excellent and consistent work throughout the last quarter. We are pleased to say that our Soundies for July 2018 are Dorothy Grow and Christina Ellenwood!

Dorothy Grow was awarded the Soundie for Customer Service.

Dorothy Grow is a Patient Services Representative at our Patient Service Center located at our 10th St Clinic and was awarded the Soundie for Customer Service. Dorothy was recognized for her commitment for giving patients the best help possible by connecting them with the right individuals, guaranteeing patients were aware of what to expect at their upcoming appointment, and going the extra mile for them. Her coworker said, “She is always ready to pick up an extra project and has become a knowledgeable contact to her peers. She is intentional with the assistance she provides and uses it to help others.”

Christina Ellenwood received a Soundie for Teamwork.

Christina Ellenwood is a medical assistant in the lab at our 10th St Clinic and received a Soundie for Teamwork. Chris is known for being positive, helpful, kind, and willing to answer questions from both staff and patients. She is a hard worker and keeps the lab in tip-top shape and still goes out of her way to help around the clinic when she can. Her coworker said, “Chris truly is an all-star and her hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. [She is] willing to help anyone and everyone no matter the situation.”

Congratulations Dorothy and Chris and thank you for all that you do for Sound Family Medicine! We are truly blessed to have you on our team.

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