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COVID-19 Immunity Still Largely A Mystery

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As we all get further into this pandemic, many patients are wondering, “can I get COVID-19 twice?” Tracie Jefferson, PA-C in our Sunrise office, answers this common question.

Does having COVID-19 once provide you immunity?

“There’s a lot we still don’t understand in terms of the immune system response to this illness,” Jefferson said. “It’s unlikely you would get re-infected shortly after having the disease.” What experts do not know is how long that immunity would last. More research needs to be done.

Continue to take precautions

We all need to continue to take active steps to avid exposure to the COVID-19 virus. Continue to practice excellent hygiene by washing hands frequently, wearing a mask in public and maintaining social distancing guidelines.

Watch Tracie’s video below.

Get to know Tracie Jefferson, PA-C:

Tracie Jefferson is a Physician Assistant in our Sunrise location. Learn more about Tracie by reading her provider profile.

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