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Sound Family Medicine is accepting new family medicine, OB, maternity, gynecology, vasectomy and physiatry patients. For non-life threatening illness or injuries, our walk in clinics are open to all individuals with accepted insurance or cash pay services.

Meet Sound Family Medicine’s 2019 Scholarship Winners

Sound Family Medicine doctors award five scholarship program
Sound Family Medicine believes in caring for our patients and our community through all stages of life. We are thrilled to partner with five special high school seniors’ and their next steps in their education. Sound Family Medicine has awarded scholarships to local students pursuing healthcare careers for the past 15 years and we are pleased to announce our 2019 scholarship recipients. Each of these seniors demonstrated high academic achievement, a desire to give back to their community and a passion for a career in the healthcare industry. As a reward for their excellent work and fantastic applications, recipients received a $1,000 scholarship. CEO Therese Pasquier or our Human Resources Director Kevin Hamlet presented our scholarships this year. We are very proud of each of our recipients and hope they do great things moving forward! (And hopefully they come back to work with us).

Gennifer (Rogers High School)

Senior photo Gennifer graduated from Rogers High School and her dream is to become an obstetrician/gynecologist. Gennifer has an incredibly giving heart, and though she has faced great odds, she has persevered and accomplished much in her young life. Besides having excellent grades, Gennifer volunteers with her church as an AWANA leader, and Sunday school teacher and also volunteers at Good Samaritan Hospital. She has also traveled to the Philippines to serve and work with the local people and felt she received just as much as she gave. Congratulations, Gennifer, and we wish you the best on your educational pursuits.

Ruby (Puyallup High School)

graduation Ruby is a senior at Puyallup High School and has future aspirations to become a physician and found a health clinic in India. Ruby is passionate about giving back to her community and she is one to see a need and fill it, regardless of the obstacles in her way. Not only is she a dedicated student with outstanding grades, but she is also is a devoted volunteer. Ruby assisted at a free kitchen supporting a local homeless shelter at the very young age of five. She has also handmade over 60 lap blankets for local nursing homes and MultiCare Children’s Hospital. Ruby is a bright young lady with an even brighter future ahead of her and we are proud to partner with her on this journey.

Kaia (Emerald Ridge)

Kaia Moan Kaia attended Emerald Ridge High School and dreams of becoming a pediatric nurse and eventually a nurse practitioner. At a young age she learned life can throw tough situations at you, but ultimately things will work out. She boldly faces any challenges that come her way and does her best to turn them into something positive. She is a diligent student with exceptional grades and has also volunteered at several different organizations. These include the Edgewood FISH Food Bank, Heath Occupation Students of America Future Medical Professionals and Unified Special Olympics Basketball. Kaia values the importance of giving back to the community and we are excited to see how she does just that.

Gwendolyn (Bonney Lake High School)

Gwendolyn went to Bonney Lake High School and is setting her sights on a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Gwendolyn loves working with children and helping those who are ill and nursing gives her the opportunity to do both. She is a bright student with a strong work ethic as shown by her excellent grades, but she also has a kind heart. Gwendolyn volunteers with Vacation Bible School and Beautify Bonney Lake, and said she strives to help others feel as though they have “hung the moon everyday.” Gwendolyn is eager to go out into the world and make a difference and we are eager to see her do it.

Leslie (Sumner High School)

Leslie is a Sumner High School graduate and her ultimate career goal is to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Leslie was inspired to become an NP because she enjoys working with children and helping others and putting them before herself, and she believes that becoming a nurse she will be able to fulfill the feeling of serving others and better her communication skills. Though Leslie has faced tough circumstances in her life, she said she has learned to care and be patient with others because you never know what exactly they are going through in their life. Leslie hopes in being a nurse she can benefit others and we are proud we were able benefit her on her journey to success.

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