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10 Ways to Drink More Water

If you’re like us, you probably feel as though you could be drinking more water every day. The benefits of drinking water are numerous: increased energy, clearer skin, prevents headaches, helps weight loss. So how can you start drinking more water? Here are 10 tips to be quenched in no time.

Correlate drinking water with a daily activity

Need to pick up something off the printer? Drink water. Picking up toys around the house? Drink water. Checking Facebook again? Drink water. It’s an easy way to make water drinking just as much of a habit as your other daily tasks.

Keep a water bottle next to you during the day

Take a water bottle with you everywhere (or almost everywhere): watching TV, at your desk, in bed. This way, when you feel thirsty, you have water with you already. Hyrdo Flasks are incredibly popular right now with their ability to keep your water as hot or cold as you’d like it, but if you’re prone to spills, try the CamelBak brand – their straws are designed to protect against leaks.

Set a goal of how many ounces you want to drink in a day

How much water you should drink every day really depends on you as a person, but an easy trick is 50% of your body weight in ounces. So, if you weigh 160 pounds, you could set your goal to drink 80 ounces of water every day.

Or, set a goal of when you want to drink water

Try drinking two liters by lunch time or finishing your daily goal by 9pm. By setting a firm deadline, you might find yourself more inclined to sip rather than chug.

Use an app to track and notify

There are tons of water apps on the market, like Water Logged or Water Your Body, so finding an app that will track your water consumption and remind you to drink more is as easy as drinking water itself!

Add fruit to your water

We get it – water can be boring. So, before reaching for your soda, try throwing in lemon, strawberries or cucumbers to freshen up your water.

Eat your water

Again, sometimes water is just plain boring. Eating melons, lettuce, cucumber and celery can help hydrate you and fill you up for longer amounts of time.

Use a straw

While it may sound silly, people are more inclined to drink beverages if they use a straw because it’s easier and requires less energy. (If you do choose to use straws as your new trick, we recommend re-usable plastic or metal straws, because of the excessive waste straws can cause.)Plus, it can be more fun, especially if you use a funky straw like these ones!

Buy a filter

Filters not only help clean your water when you’re on the go and need to re-fill at a less reputable source. They also help eliminate any tastes there could be in the water.

Drink hot water

It may not replace the cozy feeling of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, but with zero calories and the same feeling of being full at the end, we think it’s worth the switch. You can also add fruit, as we mentioned earlier, like lemons or limes for some added vitamin C.

10 ways to drink more water

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