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We are now able to see established United Healthcare patients through 8/31/24. Further updates will continue to be posted to our website.

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Finding a Family Planning Option that Fits

Family planning assistance is one of the most requested services for women in our community. Whether it’s to prevent pregnancy or to manage painful or heavy periods, breakouts or other health concerns, birth control has a surprisingly wide range of benefits. Birth control can work

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What to Know About the Measles

Due to the recent measles outbreak in the Puget Sound and around Washington state, Sound Family Medicine wants to keep you and your family healthy and happy and avoid getting (or spreading) the measles. Here are the top things you need to know about the

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pregnant woman holding bottle of pills

Safe Medications for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy raises a lot of questions, and a big one is “what kinds of medications are safe to take?” We know that your health and the health of your baby is of the utmost importance, so to help simplify your pregnancy, here’s our helpful chart

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How to (or How not to) Get Pregnant

Some couples seem to get pregnant without even trying. For others, it takes plenty of patience and luck. If you are seeking guidance on how to get pregnant or how not to get pregnant, here is what you need to know – and when you

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