1. Firework Safety

    Firework Safety

    July 1, 2014

    Posted By: SFM

    Happy 4th of July! In honor of our this great nation tradition dictates that we stage picnics, host BBQ’s and light off an estimated 940 million dollars’ worth of fireworks! Fireworks are fun and exciting, noisy and boisterous, beautiful and dazzling… and unfortunately dangerous.

    Every year around 9,300 serious injuries occur from faulty handling of fireworks. Furthermore, around 20,000 fires are ignited.

    Now we can hardly ask that fireworks be eliminated; after all its part of the fun of the holiday. But we can make some suggestions as to the safe and responsible handling of fireworks.

    1. Keep a large bucket of water nearby at all times! If a device fails to go off don’t stand over it trying to figure out what went wrong. Instead wait for around 20 minutes then soak in the water.
    2. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby as well. Show everyone in your group how to use it.
    3. Don’t wear loose clothing as you are lighting fireworks.
    4. Designate a responsible adult to manage your show rather than having multiple people lighting at the same time.
    5. Never leave children unattended with fireworks.
    6. Do not mix alcohol and fireworks! Wait until after you are done using fireworks before you choose to drink.
    7. Point fireworks away from homes and vehicles. Never set off fireworks on or near dry grass.
    8. Finally, when you are finished with your firework displays be sure to soak all remains before putting them in the trash.
    9. Most important of all, if you do injure yourself or a loved one SEEK HELP IMMEDIATELY.

    Please note that Sound Family Medicine will be closed on the 4th of July. Should you need medical assistance on the 4th please visit your local emergency room or urgent care clinic.

    Accidents and injuries from fireworks are completely preventable. With some consideration and proper planning you are sure to have a safe and happy holiday.

    Take care and don’t forget to share your pictures and stories with us on Facebook!

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