When to Go to the Walk-In Clinic

Sound Family Medicine strives to provide you care whenever you need it and our walk-in clinics have extended hours and can see you for more emergent needs.

Try out our Care Calculator to estimate which clinic may be best for you. Select your primary ailment/concern from the list below and our calculator will generate a suggestion for you.

*Please note that the calculator presents standard recommendations and does not account for age, gender, or any preexisting conditions. If you are currently being prescribed medications or have a chronic condition, you may need to be seen more frequently, or as directed, by your provider.


Our Locations

Sound Family Medicine has three walk-in clinics, located in Puyallup, South Hill and Bonney Lake. Click on a location below to find the exact hours and location of each clinic.

Puyallup 10th Street Walk-in Clinic

Sunrise Walk-in Clinic

Bonney Lake Walk-in Clinic


Where to Go to Get Care

Sound Family Medicine has both continuity care clinics and walk-in clinics, allowing our patients to get quality, compassionate care when they need it from the appropriate provider. However, some of our services can only be provided by your primary care provider or may require more immediate attention from a walk-in clinic provider. We’ve created a chart to help you determine what concerns are appropriate for which of our clinics, and what symptoms may require emergent care.

*Please note that this chart provides standard recommendations and does not account for age, gender, medical history or any preexisting conditions. If you have questions about which services are offered at our clinics, please call us at (253) 848-5951.

Primary Care Provider

Walk-in Clinic

Emergency Room

Well-child visits Acute Illnesses Chest pain
Physicals Sports Physical Confusion
Prescription refill Allergies Fainting
Medicare Annual Wellness Exam Sprains/Strains Fevers in infants under 2 years old
Referrals Cough High fever (with dehydration or change in alertness)
FMLA Cold Ingestion of poison
Pre-Surgery Burns Major head injury
Pre-Diet Cuts Seizures
Support animal paperwork Fever Severe abdominal pain
Medication refill/follow-up Stitches Severe asthma attack
Labs and follow up on labs Earache Severe burn
Any chronic condition (Asthma, Arthritis, COPD, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Diabetes) Insect bite Breathing difficulty
Pap-smear Dehydration Sudden onset headache
Removal of warts, moles, and skin lesions Dog/cat bite Snake bite
Fluoride treatment Nausea Unconscious or unresponsive state
IUD placement/removal Pink eye Uncontrollable bleeding
circumcision Rash
Sports Physical Sore Throat
Controlled medication Stomach Pain
Prenatal care and pregnancy concerns Urinary Tract Infection
Department of Transportation (DOT) physical
Minor Head Injury

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