Preventative Care Calculator

Preventative care is an important part of keeping you and your family healthy. Use our preventative care calculator below to see what screenings you or your family members may be due for. For children under 1 year old, please enter their age as an approximate decimal (example: 6 months = 0.5).

Please note that the preventive care calculator presents standard recommendations. If you are currently being prescribed medications or have a chronic condition, you may need to be seen more frequently, or as directed, by your provider.

Preventative Care Visit Schedule

Make health your first resolution every year, all year. We understand that life moves fast sometimes which is why we created a chart to help busy families make their health a priority throughout the year. From well child check-ups to preventative screenings, we’ll be here for your family every step of the way.

Preventative Care Visit Schedule
Babies Under 2 yrs Well baby exam and immunizations at 1,2,4,6,9,12,15 & 18 months of age
Everyone Over 6 months Flu shot Every year
Children 2-6 Well child exam Every year
Children 7-18 Well child exam Every 2 years
Children 9-26 HPV vaccine Once (3 doses)
Everyone 11-18 Meningitis vaccine Twice
Everyone Over 11 Tetanus-Diptheria booster Every 10 years
Everyone Over 16 Blood pressure screening Every 2 years
Adults Over 18 Physical exam Every year
Females Over 21 Pap smear, pelvic exam Every 1-5 years
Adults Over 30 Cholesterol screening Every 5 years
Females Over 40 Discuss breast cancer Every 1-2 years
Males Over 50 Discuss prostate cancer Every year
Adults Over 50 Colon cancer screening Every 1-10 years
Adults Over 50 Shingles vaccine Once
Females Over 65 Bone density screening Periodic
Adults Over 65 Pneumonia vaccine Twice


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