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Prenatal & Maternity

We love delivering babies.

Did you know that Sound Family Medicine doctors deliver one of every four babies born at Good Samaritan Hospital’s Birthing Center? Find a provider who would love to deliver your bundle of joy here.

Sound Family Medicine is different from other maternity and family practices because of the personal relationships we develop with you and your family. Our providers will be there with from positive pregnancy test, the delivery of your newborn, assist you with birth control options and care for each member of your growing family.

Our pregnant moms tell us that they really appreciate the way our obstetrics providers take the time to get to know them and understand their values. Our birthing experiences are family-oriented, so support partners are welcome at prenatal visits and the whole family is invited to hear the baby’s heartbeat.

We’ll help guide you in any questions that you have. One of the most common ones we hear is, “which medications are safe during pregnancy?

After delivery we will see your baby within two weeks for his/her first well-baby checkup and again at one month, two months and beyond.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

A positive pregnancy test and finding a physician are just the first steps toward having a healthy baby. Knowing what to expect from your body and how to keep yourself healthy are important as well. We give you the information and the emotional support you need, as well as excellent medical care.

Complimentary Pregnancy Gift Set

At your first visit, you will receive a gift bag that includes a pregnancy book to help answer many of the questions you as a new mother may have as your baby is growing and your body is changing. Additionally, we’ll provide information on breastfeeding and samples of some of our favorite products to help introduce you to many of the options out there that we trust.

Prenatal Classes

We also recommend looking into prenatal classes offered through the Good Samaritan Family Birth Center. Classes range from a single day, weekend class to a 5-week childbirth series.


When it is time to deliver, you’ll be at one of the best medical facilities in the area, the new state-of-the-art Good Samaritan Birthing Center.

What is an epidural? How does Pitocin work? How long is labor? At what stage of labor do I go to the hospital? Our physicians are always on call for their own pregnant moms and will counsel you on delivery decisions. If for some reason your doctor is unable to deliver your baby, you can feel comfortable and confident in the expertise of another physician in the group, as they all provide best in class care.

Delivery day is very exciting! Here are two questions most frequently asked.

  • Q: When do I go to the hospital?

A: If you are having regular contractions with a sense of urgency, especially if you have had previous fast labors, please go directly to the hospital.

  • Q: When should I call the office?

A: Call us if you are having regular contractions that do not seem to be progressing in intensity or frequency, if you experience a notable decrease in movement by the baby, or if you think your water may have broken.

After Delivery & Well Child Visits

Within two weeks after your sweetheart is born it’ll be time for his/her first well baby checkup. Visits continue at one month, two months, and beyond. You can view the full schedule here.

Well child visits are important in helping us monitor your child’s growth and development specific to his/her age. At each visit, you can expect to discuss the following topics:

  • Growth and development of your child
  • Feeding and sleep schedules
  • Measuring height, weight, head circumference and/or blood pressure
  • Counseling for nutrition, proper dental health, child safety issues, and parenting strategies

Complimentary Book Gift Set

As our gift to you, your family will also receive some of our favorite Dr. Seuss books during your 6-week postpartum visit. Reading to your child at a young age is important and we hope that these bedtime favorites will help ignite a healthy routine for your family.

Birth Control Options

After delivery, Sound Family Medicine providers can also help with birth control options. This includes intrauterine devices (IUD), depo (birth control shot), oral contraceptives, and birth control implants such as nexplanon. If it’s time, we have providers who can offer vasectomy which is a very safe permanent sterilization option for males.

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