mySFM Patient Portal

In February 2018, Sound Family Medicine launched our mySFM Patient Portal to allow patients to be in control of their healthcare, all from the comfort of their home (or work or wherever you like to log in to mySFM).

What is mySFM?

mySFM is a free, secure, HIPAA-compliant, online tool available to all Sound Family Medicine patients that offers a full range of convenient services. You can access the site on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone by going to mySFM here or (We recommend adding mySFM to your bookmarks bar or creating a shortcut on your desktop for easier access without having to remember the url.)

How can I sign up for mySFM?

New or existing patients can receive an invitation to sign up for mySFM by calling us at (253) 848-5951 or emailing or by asking the front desk staff the next time you go in for an appointment. You will be sent an email invitation with a link to use to sign up. The link will expire after 10 days, so be sure to finish registration as soon as possible after you receive the email.

What can I do with mySFM?

mySFM allows patients to do a variety of different services like:

  • Schedule and cancel appointments
  • Request prescription refills
  • Send your provider team a message
  • Receive lab results
  • Pay bills
  • View Health Records
  • Fill out Health Forms

For more information about mySFM functionality, please visit our blog post here.

I used the old patient portal, but I can’t see those messages anymore

Because mySFM is a new platform for Sound Family Medicine, it will appear as a blank slate with no access to previous messages and information shared through your health chart. If you have questions about previous visits or old information, your provider team would be happy to share that with you, and you can message them directly and securely through mySFM.

Can I link my child’s account with my own?

For children under 13 years or under, parents can create and link mySFM accounts to see all of their family’s charts, forms, and other information simultaneously. In order to do so, click on the “Account” button on the upper right-hand corner, and select “Invite New” under Linked Account(s). You will then be asked to input the first name, last name and email address of the individual you would like to link accounts with. This will automatically link an account if your child is under 13 years old. (Please note that your child will need a unique email address, and cannot use a parent’s e-mail).

For children 13 years and older, they will need to log into their mySFM account and follow the same steps as above to add a parent/trusted adult to their account. This will send an email notification to the parent to link their account with the child’s.

a screenshot of the mySFM patient portal

Please note that if a parent, guardian, or other trusted representative is not a patient of Sound Family Medicine, they will not be able to set up a linked account with another person’s.

How does the “Ask a Question” feature work?

When you select “Ask a Question” you will be prompted to choose if you want to ask our billing office or your provider team a question.

If you select “Ask Your Provider Team” you will be shown this form for you to fill out with your message and/or images:

a screenshot of the mySFM patient portal

Your message is then sent securely and safely to your provider team and your provider or one of your provider’s medical assistants will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer to your question. This may take some time depending on your provider’s availability so if you need an immediate answer, please call our office at (253) 848-5951.

If you select “Billing Question” you will be shown this form for you to fill out with your message and/or images:

a screenshot of the mySFM Patient Portal

Your message is then sent securely to our Billing Team and a member of our billing department will respond to your question in a timely fashion. This may take some time based on the number of questions currently queued ahead of yours, but you should expect a response within 3 business days.

If your message seems to have disappeared or been deleted, check the Archive file next to your received and sent messages.

I asked for a prescription renewal but it hasn’t been filled, what do I do?

mySFM gives patients the option to submit a prescription renewal request to their provider team.

There may be several reasons why your request hasn’t fulfilled and several things you can do to receive your prescription:

  • If you have refills remaining and and are seeking a medication refill, you may need to contact your pharmacy directly and ask them to refill your medication.
  • If you are out of refills, it can take up to 3 business days for our team to review and process your prescription request. Your request may be awaiting review and you will be contacted once the request has been approved or denied.
  • If you are out of refills and have not been seen for a while, you may need to have a follow-up appointment to ensure your medication is working properly or you are receiving the correct dosage. Please schedule an appointment with your provider online through mySFM or over the phone at (253) 848-5951.
  • If you are seeking a prescription for an untreated issue, you will need to be seen by your provider and will need to schedule an appointment online or over the phone.

If your prescription renewal has been rejected, you should receive notice from your provider team. For more information about why your prescription renewal has not been filled, you can call our Patient Services Center at (253) 848-5951.

How can I view my lab results?

Lab results are easily viewable on your mySFM portal. In-home point of care labs can normally be seen within 7 to 10 days after your lab visit. To see your lab results, select “Health Records” from the menu on the left hand side of your screen. You will then be shown your most recent Health Records. If this is the record you would like to look at, click “View Full Summary” to read the entire record. To change records, scroll down to the date of the record you would like to see, and click “View”.

Under “View Full Summary” you will see subcategories like “Basic Information About You” “Your Care Team” and “Allergies, Adverse Reactions, Alerts.” Keep scrolling to “Results” (which should be above “Social History” and below “Conditions or Problems”). Here you will see the full results of your lab.

If you are able to view your lab, but do not understand your results, check out your Messages, where there should be a letter from your provider explaining your lab results.

The fastest way to learn your lab results is through calling the Patient Services Center at (253) 848-5951 and pressing 2 when prompted.

How can I change my notification preferences?

mySFM allows patients to change their notification preference on what information they are emailed about, and how they receive statements (electronically or via mail). In order to change your current notification preferences, go to “Account” at the upper right hand corner of the portal

a screenshot of mySFM Patient Portal

Under “Account” select Edit next to the patient name whose notification preferences you’d like to change. Then, select “Preferences” and under “Communication” you will see your current email notification preferences. Simply select or deselect which information you would like to be notified of via email. Make sure to select “Save my changes” in the bottom right hand corner to apply your changes.

a screenshot of mySFM Patient Portala screenshot of mySFM Patient Portal

How can I opt out of mySFM emails?

If you would like to opt out of all emails from or, select this link here. This will take you to a webpage where you will be asked to enter your email. After this, we will no longer invite you to join the mySFM portal or send you email notifications about mySFM.

a screenshot of mySFM Patient Portal

If you have additional questions, you can contact our team by calling (253) 848-5951, or sending an email to

mySFM patient portal flyer with list of tools

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