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To help keep appointments timely and running smoothly, below is a list of forms that you may need for your next visit. From school sports physicals to a copy of our Health Privacy Form (HIPAA), having this information ready and available will help keep everyone on track.

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Special Accommodations

  • Medical Coupon Transportation, Department of Social and Health Services


If a person is unable to use public transportation and has a medical emergency, he/she may use medical coupons to pay for a taxi ambulance service. During the weekday hours however, the Department of Social and Health Services should be contacted for prior approval to ensure payment for the service.


Paratransit is a private, nonprofit transportation company, specializing in transportation, call center management and public transit operations. It has provided high-quality, accessible transportation services to those who need it most—persons who are elderly or disabled, or who live in rural areas without personal means of transportation.

  • Pierce/King County Cabulance Service


Non-emergency wheelchair transportation.

253-581-8000 or 800-562-8109

Pierce Transit, the public bus system, offers reduced fares for persons 65 years or older. An ID card can be obtained from the office above on weekdays between 9:00am and 5:00pm.

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