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Types of Providers


Family Practice Physicians

Medical Doctors (MD) and Doctors of Osteopathy (DO) both are board-certified, residency-trained, and fully licensed physicians. Our providers are specialists in family medicine who are authorized to prescribe medication and perform surgery.

While attending their own medical schools, DO’s are responsible for the same academic discipline as their MD colleagues and receive an additional 300 to 500 hours in the study of the body's musculoskeletal system. They offer comprehensive, high-quality medical care to patients of all ages, with a range of services that includes preventive medicine, management of ongoing health problems like hypertension and diabetes, and treatment of many injuries and mental health issues.

Our physicians take special joy in providing family-oriented maternity care, and can attend to your baby after delivery, as well as providing prenatal care and delivery. They frequently provide procedures such as vasectomies, circumcision of newborns, and biopsy or removal of many skin lesions. Many providers also perform procedures for women’s health, including IUD birth control and biopsies. Care for lacerations and minor injuries can be provided at your convenience at our Sound Same-Day Clinics, or by appointment with your usual physician.

Physician Assistants or PA-C’s are health care professionals licensed to practice medicine with physician supervision. As part of their comprehensive responsibilities, PA-C’s conduct physical exams, diagnose and treat illnesses, order and interpret tests, give preventive health care advice and write prescriptions.

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners or ARNP’s are registered nurses with a masters or doctorate degree licensed to diagnose and treat both acute and chronic illness as well as prescribe medications . ARNP's treat the whole person, guiding their patients to make smart health and lifestyle choices. ARNP's are educational experts with a focus on prevention, wellness and education.