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Micheal L’Italien, PA-C

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Puyallup – 10th St

3908 10th St. SE
Puyallup, WA 98374


Originally from Mississippi, Mr. L’Italien moved to Arizona when he was 12. After graduating high school and trying various jobs, he enlisted in the US Army where he served as a medic until leaving the military to pursue further education. He  attended Arizona State University and graduated with a degree in Kinesiology, then Emory University’s physician assistant program in Atlanta, GA. He graduated in 2015 with a Master of Medical Science.

He began practicing as a hospital provider in the south sound area for his first 2 and half years. He transitioned to urgent care before deciding to try family practice because he wanted to experience the spectrum of care from birth to end of life.

His philosophy about medicine is that the provider and patient are a team. He can provide patients with information, risks and benefits and tools to help, but patients have to achieve their own personal health goals. His aim is to help patients understand their own health, mentally and physically, and learn how to maximize their life.

With the ever-changing healthcare system, Mr. L’Italien believes that we need strong primary care providers who are able to help patients rely less on urgent care and hospitals by addressing health problems in their infancy. He encourages his patients to see him routinely to work on building a healthy relationship and healthy body, as it is best to help individuals when they are of sound mind and body.

Mr. L’Italien and his wife live in South Hill, and working with his own community brings him a sense of pride and joy. They have 2 dogs, Daisy and Ranger. He spends the majority of his free time outdoors and thinking about, preparing for, or actively hunting elk with a bow. He also practices yoga and meditation for his own health and well-being, works out frequently and loves fitness.


The voice of my patients

Michael L'Italien

“My goal is to help my patient understand their own health, mentally and physically, and how to maximize their life here.”


Arizona State University

Emory University

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COVID-19 protocols

To limit the spread of COVID-19, all patients are phone-screened and we check temperature before allowed entry. Masks are required. Only one visitor/support person allowed per patient. Virtual visits available when appropriate.

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