NEW mySFM Patient Portal Debuts February 2018

New mySFM patient portal coming soon!
Sound Family Medicine understands that communication and access are essential in your relationship with your provider team. To help provide the best experience possible for you, we are launching a brand new patient portal called mySFM this February. We can’t wait for you to see it! Our secure online patient portal gives you full access to:
  • schedule appointments online
  • send your provider team a message
  • request prescription refills
  • pay your bill
  • view your health record
There are a few important reminders we would like to share with you:
  1. If we have your email address on file, we’ll send you an invitation to register on the new platform by Monday, February 18th.
  2. If you have not received an email invitation, or are interested in signing up, please call us at 253-848-5951 or email and our staff will happily set you up.
  3. Because this is a new platform for Sound Family Medicine, it will appear as a blank slate with no access to previous messages and information shared through your health chart. However, you’ll find all the functionality you enjoyed before in a new environment that is easier to access and navigate. As new messages are sent, and information is shared to your health chart, you’ll have 24/7 access to those documents here in the new mySFM patient portal.
  4. If you have any questions about our portal, check out our FAQ page here, where you may find the answer to your question.
Thank you for choosing Sound Family Medicine. It’s our privilege to care for you. We look forward to introducing you to the new mySFM patient portal!

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24 Responses

  1. It would be really nice to have our medical information available to sync with the iPhone health application or any other health app worthy of storing our data. Either as a feature of the patient portal or a new mySFM application. The doctor’s office is only one source for blood pressure, pulse, glucose levels, etc. The health app tracks sleep patterns, diet, exercise including steps taken and floors climbed. To have all of that data compiled in one place where corollation can take place would be very valuable. To be able to compare a good glucose level with a bad one and not just see whether you had a doughnut that day but see the trending levels, the steps taken that day or week, the impact to blood pressure and resting heart rate. The big picture is available to compare between doctor visits to see what changes are working and what aren’t. Apple has already made provisions for health chart data. What’s missing is an app and the means to synchronize. Please consider how you might be able to make this possible.

  2. I can’t get into the new patient portal. I have also forgotten when my dr appointment is this next week? Help! Why didn’t we all get an email like there was suppose to have been sent out?

    1. Hello Kimberly. Email invitations went out over the weekend although we’d be happy to help get you registered this morning. Our patient advocate will be reaching out to you shortly to assist you. Thank you for contacting us!

  3. I have used my acct for years and now the system does not recognize anything about me, how do i get my info back on the system to make an appt or view my stats?

    1. Hello! Email invitations are going out this week although we’d be happy to help get you registered this morning. Our patient advocate will be reaching out to you shortly to assist you. Thank you!

  4. I never received an email and I cannot access my account regarding my next appointment and I tried to chat support but they said my info wasn’t on file and it’s to late contact the office. I need to reschedule my appointment tomorrow and not sure what to do.

  5. I have used the old SFM Portal for years, but I still have not received an invitation to register with the new Portal. I called in earlier this week and was told to wait and all the invitations would be out by today. Still no invitation.

    1. Hello Erin and William, due to the volume of invitations sent out, we experienced a lag with our vendor’s system. If you haven’t received your email invite already, we expect that you will by Monday morning. If not, please contact us at and we would be happy to assist you. Thank you for your patience!

  6. Hi I’m trying to login to the new portal and I’m being told that my username and password is not recognized. I’ve had the same login for years and not sure why I can’t get into the system to read my new messages.

  7. I tried to login and I got an error and I can’t login. Can you please resend me another invitation?

  8. This new portal sucks. My messages say I have a message but it won’t display. I can’t see my test results or anything.

  9. This system is working great for me. I can ask my dr. questions, request refills, request appointments, and see my health record. Also I have NO problems logging in and Windows 10 saves all my passwords.

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